Company, Gratifico

Who we are

Gratifico produces fresh high quality craft-made pasta with dedication and passion, carefully selecting the best raw materials.

GRATIFICO – The art of Bologna pasta - is rough-surfaced pasta dough made with barn eggs, the best Mortadella di Bologna PGI with prestigious Mountain-produced Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, matured for 30 months.

All the raw materials are processed from fresh, to exalt each individual taste and each individual flavour. We live infinite passion, the exclusive ingredient that comes from the consolidated experience of generations of pasta makers. We offer you the original quality of our products, every day, thanks also to an innovative processing technique, exclusive to our company, developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna's interdepartmental centre for food industry research, CIRI (Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca Ind. Agroalimentare)

gratifying adj. [pres.part. of the verb "gratify"]. - [something that gratifies] ≈ satiating, stimulating, motivating, rewarding, satisfying. All the elements that we have blended to give life to this brand of fresh pasta  translate into the  sensory experience of “Gratification”.

Gratifico is for those who want to gratify themselves and others with an experience that brings out all the flavours of Bolognese tradition and excellence. The perception of "high quality" good is in fact considered one of the ultimate multi-sensory experiences. None of the senses is excluded, information comes from smell, sight and hearing, as well as from the sense of taste. Choosing this brand, “Gratifico”, we want to bring you, every day of the week, a feeling of taste satisfaction that: 

- is a traditional characteristic of our origins

- is modern, simple and fast, like the rhythms of our lives

- brings moments of warmth and serenity.


Italian flavours, tastes and emotions that create an atmosphere to savour with ever mouthful.