The artisan pasta factory

Gratifico, an artisanal pasta factory in Minerbio in the province of Bologna, has been a staple for Bolognese fresh pasta lovers for years.

Born from the will and craftsmanship of 3 friends and partners-from left Silvano Galici, Alessandro Ritelli and master pasta maker Silvano Bellei- Gratifico represents an idea of Bolognese excellence that combines culture, expertise and experience. Our pasta factory starts from craftsmanship to innovation, is inspired by tradition and gives life to revisited products.

Our strong point?

Our forte is thehigh quality of raw materials, guaranteed by our constant research and curiosity of the company itself. In fact, all products from Gratifico are tracked and strictly controlled through specific machinery. We personally know every producer of the ingredients we process, so we are clear about every characteristic-and the history-of the raw materials we use.

This applies first and foremost, for example, to Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 30 months - a key product for Gratifico because it is present in most of the fillings. In fact, our pasta factory has an agreement with the Consorzio di Tutela del Parmigiano Reggiano DOP.

Long shelf life and quality control

In addition, Gratifico uses exclusive, state-of-the-art Italian technologies to achieve and maintain a high level of hygiene and long shelf life. The same goes for the constant quality control, a fundamental part of our pasta factory: in fact, there is a staff member who checks the percentages of ingredients within each product every day, with the aim of guaranteeing and certifying their properties.

We at Gratifico want to be the benchmark for both lovers of tradition and those who prefer gourmet cuisine.

The visual identity of our pasta factory after all is clear and well-defined:

Showing one's personality and emotions to reach the hearts of people who wish to "gratify" themselves.