Short pasta

o cûrta?

Made with selected ingredients such as eggs from free-range hens, our short pasta reflects Bolognese tradition. Bronze drawing makes the pasta sheet rough and its texture full-bodied. With a rolled or curled shape closure, Gratifico offers Garganelli and Gramigna bolognese paglia e fieno.


A fresh pasta with a coarse sheet and rolled closure, our Garganelli are perfect with any meat, fish or vegetable sauce.

Wheatgrass straw and hay

Gramigna paglia e fieno is a short fresh pasta format typical of the Bolognese tradition, with a curled and playful shape that best represents the Bolognese spirit and sympathy.

Imperial Soup

Zuppa Imperiale is an ancient recipe from the Bolognese tradition. Also called "Pasta Imperiale," it is a soup in broth with small cubes made of a few simple selected ingredients, such as 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano DOP.