Nettle pasta

o cån l'urtîga?

In order not to forget the simplest ingredients of the past, we have chosen to bring nettle back into vogue. A typical plant of Bolognese tradition, nettle gives a beautiful green color to the pasta sheet and a unique flavor to the palate. From nettle pasta, Ortichini® (Tortellini all'ortica), Orticoni (Tortelloni all'ortica) and Ortichelle® (Tagliatelle all'ortica) are thus born.



Nettle tagliatelle

Perfect for any combination, Ortichelle are perhaps the most famous fresh pasta with nettle pasta sheets. A variation of the traditional Bolognese Tagliatelle, they represent the so-called "Tagliatelle verdi."



Nettle tortelloni

Using green nettle puff pastry, we have created a new version of traditional Tortelloni: eggy rough with a soft filling. First course with an alternative taste perfect for emphasizing even the simplest recipes.



Nettle tortellini

Using nettle-flavored green pastry, we created a new version of the traditional Tortellino Bolognese:green pastry with an authentic filling of flavors, in which Parmigiano Reggiano PDO aged 30 months and Mortadella produced in the city of Bologna.